This site is about the colonial history in the 19th century and concentrates on miniatures games based on the exploration and colonization of Africa. I will also publish historical information on the period in general not related to gaming if I think it will be of interest.

The game Tanzanica is a miniatures game set in a fictional version Africa of the late nineteenth century and is based on Games Workshop's Mordheim© rules. You must have the Mordheim rules to play this game as I only describe differences, not the core rules.

The rules are aimed at 28mm skirmishes between small expeditions of men from the colonial powers who invaded Africa and the native powers that tried to fend them off. The results of each skirmish can effect the next game and a loose campaign feeling is maintained.

The rules have been tested primarily by the Monday Night Gamers,without whose support and help with this project would have gotten nowhere. I also need to thank Alon and Ken from the Colonial Mailing List for sending along their ideas which I have put on the site as well.

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