Masai Punishment Raid

Written By Ed Watts who ran the Game.

Masai Youths

"Horror abounds on the Savannah ! Sir Joseph Fairplay dies in hideous melee against Masai raiders.Police Lieutenant Matt Risk-Taking slain in village set-to!" The Government reports with great sadness the loss of several officials in a punitive raid against a local tribe of Masai who had been accused of the theft of all cattle in the region .The abortive action of last March apparently did not serve as a sufficient warning to the theft-obsessed pastoral acquisitors.It was decided that only a personal reprimand from Sir Joseph Fairplay,the regional commisioner,would convince these rogues to mend their mendacious ways.It was decided that a surgically precise insertion of the lawful authorities' troops would cause surprize and cause consternation amongst the Masai and make them more amenable to an agreement to mend their perfidious purloining ways.Despite some mischance of misdirection on the approach of the law officers all four prongs of the enforcers arrived at almost the exact same moment in the vicinity of the Masai village.Tragedy struck nearly immediately as Sir Joseph and several junior civil officers encountered a group of young Masai out for a raid to establish their manhood in the village of the aggrieved local tribe who had summoned the commisioner to adjudicate the ownership dispute over the herds which so determine the wealth of the area.A ferocius melee at pointblank range erupted which saw the loss of Sir Joseph and a junior official and several friendly tribesmen.Despite a desire to carry on with the mission,the young,inexperienced,grief stricken clerk soon felt he could not carry on as his ally native force took to its heels Unaware of the disaster of the mission command,the rest of the British and askari police force carried on.Herdboys and pilfered cattle were soon taken under police custody as the first of the Masai warriors rushed to respond to the perceived threat to their home.A series of continual short range vollies followed by desperate hand to hand fighting raged at the main village gate during which many Masai malefactors were slain or driven off.Unfortunately,when the dust settled,it was found that all of the European constables were slain or wounded.Despite some initial misgivings and confusion,the Askari policemen were convinced to return and carry off the wounded and not leave them to the tender mercies of the surviving Masai.Desperate with rage,a Sikh non-commisioned officer,accompanied by only an Askari donkey tender entered the village and boldly burnt down a dung hut as a severe reprimand to these lawless raiders.To the South of the village there occurred a lesser action in which the expedition machine gun malfuntioned in its first attempt to fire on the charging Masai. Lieutenant Paul Graffgar was obliged to return to the British residency to obtain the services of a mechanic and parts to repair the gun as well as medical services for Sergeant O.N.Lucky who remained behind to see that the Masai would not get up to any mischief with the gun.It is hoped that the Lieutenant may soon return to retrieve the weapon and his plucky non-com.It is to be hoped that the Masai will recognize the consequences of their acquisitive ways and the resultant bloodshed and be shamed into a cessation of their dreadful former behavior.An expedition will have to be mounted to assure their compliant law-abiding behvior will continue.

Masai Lion Hunters