Colonial and Related Mailing Lists For Miniatures Gamers:

This is a list of email groups of interest to the miniaturs gamers interested in the 19th century colonial history period and some of the areas around it, both historical and fictional. If you subscribe to only one, I highly reccomend the Colonial Wars list. A broad range of expertise is available here and better company is very hard to fing on the web.

ColonialWars A mailing list devoted to Colonial Wargames, and warfare in the 1800's. wargame, wargames, war, battle, military, simulation:

A mailing list devoted to Colonial Wargaming, and warfare in the 1800's. Suggestions for sources, terrain making methods, miniatures, and rules will be common, as will discussions of games played and scenarios... wargame, wargames, war, battle, military, simulation, hobby, model, modeling, models, modelmaking, Victorian bla bla bla

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mini-painter Miniature Painters:

This is a mailing list for anyone interested in the wonderful hobby of collecting and painting metal miniatures. This list will primarily focus on individual miniatures, and not on painting large groups, e.g. WH40K armies. There are many other fine groups out there to cover that topic.

Topics can (and should) include: painting, conversions, questions, techniques, and general discussion on who makes the best mini's. Topics that are forbidden at the current time: army list discussions, army color schemes, any rules questions of any kind, flaming, bashing, name-calling, offensive language, online store griping, and the casting of copyrighted miniatures. Please respect these guidelines, it will make the list better for everyone involved. Members not abiding by these guidelines will be warned to cease their activies, and will be removed from the list by the moderator(s) if their behavior does not change.

This group is by nature non-commercial. We encourage a free atmosphere of discussion regarding new miniature releases and painting materials, but direct sales of miniatures and related supplies on the list or to list members is not permitted. Advertising of online auctions is not allowed. Please email the moderator if you have questions.

Group Moderator:

To subscribe, send a message to or go to this e-group's home page at

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1listSculpting Sculpting list where many people talk about model making (like GW models) and casting figures and miniatures:

Do you, or have you ever wanted to sculpt things? (like games workshop models / miniatures)

Come and learn how! I use green stuff and armetures to make my own models from scratch and bits on to other models. I am interested in sharing ideas with other people about sculpting. There are now many people here of all levels of experiance and a friendly and helpfull atmosphere.

All are welcome!!

Any problems, contact me on

P.S., when you join, be sure to read our sculpting FAQ in the files section.
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BackofBeyondDiscussion BackofBeyond Discussion List:

This group was formed so fans of Mark Copplestone's 28mm range of Back of Beyond could discuss anything pertaining to that fascinating period - from the historical background, game ideas and rules, painting research, etc. Though inspired by both Copplestones figures and Chris Peer's interesting articles, this site is not an official site and does not necessarily speak for either individual. Just a place for wargamers of this genre to talk about their hobby!

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Back_of_Beyond: Announcement List

A newsletter/information list disseminating information about Mark Copplestone's forthcoming 28mm 1920's Adventure miniatures range: 'The Back of Beyond'.

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Darkest_Africa Darkest Africa Newsletter:

This is an info list/newsletter for fans of Copplestone Castings' "Return to Darkest Africa"

Note: It is not a discussion list, only the listmaster may post.

For 'Darkest Africa' discussions, try the ColonialWars list!

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sloppyjalopy Announcement List

For people interested in the vehicles produced by Sloppy Jalopy. For discussion of the vehicles, modelling tips, wargaming scenarios, model suggestions and hints.
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DashingAdventure Dashing Adventure!:

WELCOME, ADVENTURER This group covers pulp-style adventuring at the frontiers of the civilized world (by Western standards). The timeplace is roughly 1910 to 1938; the setting, just about anywhere where a man of good character backed up by a platoon of bayonets and the guts to wield 'em could carve a kingdom for himself. Primarily, we will discuss miniatures-style (aka tabletop) gaming here; any scale will do, roughly in period. POLICIES: Topics will likely range far and wide and might come back on target from time to time. Language might get rough, as long as it doesn't get personal I won't have to pimp-slap anybody with my mystical group moderator superpowers. Spamming is not to be tolerated. Other than that, feel free to get creative-- use the Mummy series, Alan Quartermain, G-8 and his flying aces, Fu Manchu, Bucky Barnes and a host of other sources for your inspiration!

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OstAfrika Deutches Ost Afrika:

This is the place to obtain and share information related to gaming about German East Africa, particularly the Abushiri Rebellion of 1888, the Mahi Mahi Rebellion of 1905, and operations during World War One.

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Into The Heart Of Africa

This group is dedicated to wargaming the European exploration and conquest of Africa in the late 19th and early 20th Century. The moderator's rules set of choice is Chris Peer's "In The Heart of Africa" published by the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company but players of other rules sets are more than welcome. Articles and other bits by the author of the rules, Chris Peers, as well as information about suitable figures, battle reports, and other news will be featured on the site as well. NB This group is for serious historical wargaming only! Please do not post fantasy or alternate history topics on this group!

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This group is dedicated to the honest, non-biased discussion of Spanish and Iberian military history for the purpose of wargamers and military history enthusiasts. Too often, Spanish armies are dismissed as "useless", or depicted as "an also ran" in terms of major world events, especially when it comes to major wargames rules.

This discussion list hopes to redress this imbalance with a discussion of battles and campaigns, OOBs, and military topics of a wide variety. If you wish to discuss the campaigns of Carlos III, Hadsdrubal, Cervera, or even Pelayo, this is an opportunity to share your knowledge and enthusiasm for Iberian topics.

Please join us. Membership is open to all, with wargamers particularly enthusiastically sought. Some language background with Spanish or another Iberian language would be most helpful, but certainly not required.

Due to problems with spammers and advertising services, memberships must be approved by the moderator (Alex), but you can usually count on a response within twenty four hours.

Viva Espana y El Rey!

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SpanAmWar Remember the Maine!:

and to Hell with...well, you get the picture. Welcome to the Spanish-American War discussion group for historical gamers. This fascinating war brought the United States into the imperialism arena. Please feel free to discuss miniatures, battles, personalities, scenarios, anything related to the war and to historical miniatures gaming.

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Sword and the Flame List

This will be a group to discuss Larry Brom's classic colonial rules, The Sword and the Flame. We can have articles on home rules, local rule interpretations, and possible scenario ideas. Painting advice is also welcome as well as reviews of new figures.

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This group is for discussion, questions, and information pertaining to G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T., a set of rules, written by Christopher Palmer John R. "Buck" Surdu, for playing miniature wargames involving the Victorian period. These rules were written with the works of Victorian Science fiction writers such as, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and H. Ryder Haggard in mind. They also owe some of their flavor to the influences of Hollywood on today's view of the period. They are designed to incorporate Victorian science fiction elements such as steam conveyences, fantastic weapons and strange creatures. These rules are great for basic, purely historical Colonial wargames, too. This list also discusses topics related to the supplements to the GASLIGHT rules system, including: "Battles by GASLIGHT", "Adventures and Expeditions by GASLIGHT", and the GASLIGHT scenario book - "The Journals of Victoria Hawkes".

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SGOM Sky Galleons of Mars:

The SGoM list is for the discussion of the miniatures games: Sky Galleons of Mars, Soldier's Companion, Ironclads & Ether Flyers and Cloudships & Gunboats. Each of of these games is a companion game to, and set in, Frank Chadwick's (formerly GDW's) Space: 1889, a role-playing game of late victorian era spacefaring.
Space: 1889 is a registered trademark of Frank Chadwick, all rights reserved.

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Space 1889 Group:

This list is for discussing the Victorian-era science-fantasy roleplaying game called "Space:1889", as well as the board games that accompany it. The RPG was originally created by GDW in the late 1980s, and is now owned by Frank Chadwick.

Members: 414
Mail Volume: 2 to 10 Mails a day.

RussianCivilWar Study of the 1918-23 period of military history in Eastern Europe:

The group is intended to discuss the military history of the Russian Civil War and contemporary/associated warfare in Eastern Europe, covering the period of approximately 1918-23. NB this is not a political group!
Members: 287
Mail Volume: 2 to 3 emails a day.

BetweenTheWars From 11/11, 1918 until 3/9, 1939. Focus on military history and gaming it. Other period topics of interest are accepted.:

Discussion of the period from 11 am Paris Time on the 11th of November 1918 until 3.45 am Warsaw Time on September the 3rd, 1939. The main focus is on obscure military history and technology worldwide for the benefit of gamers, but any period-related topic can be acceptable. Expect discussions to range from British India to French Algeria to Japanese Manchuria; Zeppelin travel to Chinese warlords; Prohibition to the Colonial Question; Gangsters to Greek independance; Tarzan to Doc Savage; and Jazz greats to the Chaco War.
While wandering discussion will be tolerated, this is not a political forum and ardent Neo-nazis and Stalinist Communists looking for a soapbox need not apply. Gentlemanly and Ladylike behavior is expected in this "Garden Party" atmosphere. So, change out of your polo togs and bring your gin-sling out to the veranda.

Note: Personal attacks and gratuitous flaming will be dealt with harshly!

Members: 196
Mail Volume: Less than 1 email a day.

GreatWarColonial The Great War Colonial Campaigns:

The Great War Colonial Campaigns 1914-1919 will be a place to discuss the history of WW1 as it was fought in the various colonies of the World. From the jungles of Africa, to the desert of Mesopotamia, from China to the North West Frontier & the beachhead at Galipolli. Battles involved African Askari, Indian regulars, Arab tribes and European troops. Discuss this neglected part of Great War history. This list used to be Great War in Africa, but was extended to cover All the Colonial Campaigns of the war.

Members: 103
Mail Volume: Less Than 1 email a day

BloodandIron Blood and Iron:

A email group for discussion of the wars in Europe from the end of the Napoleonic Wars until The Great War with a wargaming bent. Topics are likely to include the Crimean War, Risorgimento, Austro-Prussian War, Russo-Turkish War 1877, the Armies of Europe, the Generals, uniforms, weapons, etc.

Members: 177
Mail Volume: 1 to 3 emails a day

littlewars For 54mm & 40mm Toy Soldiers collectors and wargamers.:

This list is dedicated to the collecting, converting, casting, painting and above all Wargaming with 54 & 40mm Toy Soldiers, both the traditional metal ones and the newer plastic ones.

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NavWarGames :

A place to discuss naval wargaming in all its forms, from board to cards to miniatures. All eras are welcome. Whether your interests are in ancients (i.e. Trireme), the Age of Sail(i.e. Close Action!, Wooden Ships and Iron Men), the steam age (i.e. Ironclads), WWI/WWII(i.e. Great War at Sea, General Quarters, Iron Bottom Sound), or modern (i.e.Harpoon!), this is the place for you. From tactical to strategic, all are welcome.

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ironclads This list is for the discussion of naval wargaming of the ironclad era, approximately 1860 to 1880.:

This list is for the discussion of naval wargaming of the ironclad era, approximately 1860 to 1880. Topics may include any aspect of the history and gaming of this period. All interested subscribers are welcome.

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predred Pre-Dreadnought Vessels and Warfare:

A discussion group to compliment other forums such as the ironclads forum. To be used for the discussion of a variety of topics related to the "Old Battleship/Pre-Dreadnought Period" (roughly 1879-1905). Items such as the Spanish-American, Russo-Japanese, and Sino-Japanese Wars will be discussed here.

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Rorkesdrift125yearsdemo RorkesDrift125 yearsdemo :

In january 2004 the Battle of Rorkes Drift, a dramatic turning point in the 1879 Zulu war, was 125 years ago. In memory to this event, I set out to build a demo game to play this battle on the wargames table, which will be played several times in 2004, if all goes well. This group is dedicated to this project and will eventually contain photographs of games and links to related sites and info.

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TheOldWest The Old West :

The Old West list is for those of us that enjoy anything to do with the West of old. This is the place for the Indian Wars (even those that weren't really out west!), Gunfighters, Cowboys, the War against Mexico in the 1840's, and anything else of the era. Movies, TV programmes, wargames, anyone is welcome to join the list.

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VictorianAdventure Victorian Adventure Gaming:

Here it is guys: Victorian Adventure! Steam tanks, velocipedes, flying ships, lost cities! All with the gamer in mind!

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YangtzeYanks Yanks Up the Yangtze:

This group concerns itself with historical gaming during the Sand Pebbles era in China, and more pointedly with the Cannon Fodder set of rules of the same name. Welcome aboard!

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WGVSF Wessex Games VSF Games List:

The Wessex Games VSF Games List is for players of Wessex Games' various VSF games including Aeronef and Voyages Extraordinaires. It has been created to allow players to discuss rules developments, campaign systems, miniatures and anything else relevant to their enjoyment of these games, as well as receive up to date product information. Additionally the list will also keep players up to date on VSF products currently being developed by Wessex Games including Redcoats on Mars.

Members: 218
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Steampunk is, as the name suggests, a discussion list for discussing various aspects of steampunk, in all its forums (literature, film, art, roleplaying games, etc.) and all its forms, including its predecessors, the scientific romances of Verne, Wells, Kipling, et al.
Much of the discussion is often oriented towards roleplaying games, but do not let that deter you - it is just that many people interested in the genres of steampunk, scientific romance and Victoriana in general tend to be rolegamers as well.

This list is also a forum for 19th and early 20th century history and alternate history. History, both real and imagined, is a terrific source for inspiration and interesting stories and ideas, and thus most welcome.

I do not believe in censorship or the divine right of the moderator. I believe that if given the possibility and responsibility, people can govern themselves and behave towards others in a compassionate manner. Therefore I give you, the new list member, the responsibility to avoid flaming, name calling, insulting, and in any other manner causing injury to other list members. If you behave in a gentlemanly or ladylike manner, you should have no problems here. Welcome abroad, full steam ahead! Behave, - S.K.

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The Miniatures Page Discussion Forums:

Not a mailing list, but a very active forum talking about all things miniatures related.

Members: Many
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