Miniatures for Darkest Africa Gaming

Copplestone Miniatures Somali

Copplestone Castings -Makers of the premeir Darkest Africa range being developed today. Fantastic figures, good prices, and a cool line featuring N'goni, Somali, Zanzibaris, Germans and lots more.
Eureka Miniatures- Very nice figures from Australia, a wide line of figures, some great for Africa, some just plain weird, but all very nice. Good prices and fast shipping to the world.
Wargames Foundry -Makers of the first major Darkest Africa line of figures.  These were sculpted by Mark Copplestone and are still really nice figures.
Wargames - Distributes Dixon miniatures which has a line of miniatures representing the French invasion of Dahomey in 1893.
RLBPS - US Distributor of some nice colonial German troops from Honorable Lead Boiler Suit Company as well as some nice African buildings from Grand Manner.
Reviresco - Makes a range of nice WWI in Africa figures. They seem to nicely fill holes in lines for other companies. Well worth a look.
Castaway Arts - An Australian company that has a nice Ashanti war line as well as colonial Egyptian figures.A Wargames Foundry Explorer

Painting Resources:

Painting for Gaming - Some general tips on painting toy soldiers for use in wargaming learned over the years.
Dr. Faust's Painting Clinic -A very good site with lots of painting information. Updated frequently, this site covers all aspects of painting toy soldiers talking mostly about technique.
Hot Lead - This is another site with some very good beginners information on painting toy soldiers as well as some good advanced techniques.
Paintrix Miniatures Tips Page - Some good tips by one of the best figure painters out there, Jenifer Haley. She has one of the most subtle eyes for color I have ever seen used on toy soldiers.
Slapping Paint - More good tips on painting toy soldiers. These are mostly advanced, but well worth a look.
Miniatures Painting Guild - Aimed more at painting collectors rather than gamers but much good inspiration and tips.
Tincture Adept - Another site by a very skilled painter with a good tip page.

Other Resources:

HMGS - Historical Miniatures Gaming Society.  Based in the Mid-Atlantic United States this group puts on the excellent Historicon, Cold Wars and Fall In conventions.  Many good links to other gaming groups and miniatures companies.
By Jingo - A great resource site for Colonial gamers.  Some very good articles on the questions of celebrating imperialism or racism in colonial gaming.
The Major General's Page - Another great colonial site.  Good information on the hobby.
Warflags - A truly useful site and you don't want to miss the adventures of the Red Shadow.
Colonial Mailing List at Yahoo - A great group of people involved with colonial miniatures gaming.  A very valuable resource with a wide variety of contributors.
Warhammer Colonial Rules - If you like Warhammer 40K more than Mordheim, here are some variant rules for you.