Scenarios and Campaigns:

All the scenarios from Mordheim and the Town Cryer articles will work with a little modification. We use Ivory or Trade Goods instead of wyrdstone but we try to stay as close to the charts in the game for post game results as we can. Mordheim assumes that you are fighting in ruins, we use jungle, villages and ruins to substitute, but these are normally single level so we use a bigger table than 4x4.

For multi-player games we use the rules from White Dwarf 242 in the Chaos in the Streets article. Unlike the article we dice each turn for who starts and then go clockwise from that player for the rest of that turn. Next turn we dice again.


Although if it suits you to use hired guns you should feel free to do so, I believe in tying characters to the scenarios. I am finishing a three game Winslow Wombat, Lord of the Jungle mini campaign, a Kurtz game in the Heart of Darkness, two Flashman in Africa games, and a across Tanzanica with Stanley campaign. I hope to have these up soon.

Winslow Wombat, Lord of the Jungle




Each expedition lasts nine games which are broken up into three phases. At the end of each expedition you can roll to see how many of the experienced characters and henchmen you get to keep for your next expedition. For the first three games you are assumed to be well supplied and thus have a reduced chance of death from the injury results table. The next three games you use the standard Mordheim injury results. For the last three games you have a much higher chance of death from injuries as your supplies are gone and every scratch becomes a real risk. This scheme restricts expeditions from ever becoming the monster steam rollers that an experienced Mordheim or Necromunda gang can become. Your leader can become quite good, but it becomes hard to keep good help. The two (or more) expeditions playing one another may be in different phases. The phases are unique to each group and have no impact on how or who the expeditions play.

The Phases:

Games 1 - 3: Setting Out, After the first three games results are rolled as usual, but any results that kill a figure may be rerolled. The second roll must be taken even if it results in the figure dying. During this phase rolls to purchase rare goods are +2 to the roll.

Games 4-6: The heart of the Expedition, During these games the normal Mordhiem injury results rolls are used and purchasing items works as normal.

Games 7-9: Return, After these games injury rolls are rolled twice, if either is fatal that result is used, otherwise use the first roll. Purchasing common items requires a roll of 6 or more on 2d6 and rare items are rolled at a -2.

End of Expedition: At the end of the expedition roll 9d6. This is the amount of experience you can buy from the completed expedtion into the next expedition. Your leader costs nothing and henchmen cost their experience each and must be purchased as a complete group. Characters who do not carry over can be used to start new expeditions but they will not serve under the old one again. Henchmen who are not carried over disappear into the marketplace never to be seen again.


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