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Witch Doctor painted by Joe SlebodaWitch Doctors are the only characters in Tanzanica that use 'magic'. You can decide if this is 'magic' or simply psychology and woods crafts in your campaign but to ignore the effect that witch doctors had in tribal society is every bit as unrealistic a game as one where the 'magic' is real. Remember that Europeans are less susceptable to spells as they simply don't believe in them. Also remember that witch doctors can be men or women. I am working on a specialties for witch doctors, like black, white, nature or village magic but at the pace I move this may be awhile.


Roll randomly for which spell a witch doctor starts with. They may learn new spells as per the rules in Mordheim. Astute observers will notice these are based on the skaven spells.

1. Horn of the Rhino: Difficulty 8, 12" range. This spell causes 1d3 str 4 hits on the target and automaticly knocks the figure down and moves it 1d6" back.

2. Monkey God's Gift: Difficulty Auto. Cast before the game this spell summons 1d3 monkeys who will stay near the witchdoctor and join close combats against him. They each have 1 attack ws3 str3 and if both the attack and wound rolls are a six they have taken the weapon from the attackers hands and will run off into the bush.

3. Swarm of Fury: Difficulty 7, 8" range. The witch doctor summons a swarm of bees to a target within 8" that does 2d6 str 1 hits to the model.

4. Strength of the Lion: Difficulty 8. The witch doctor gains the strength and speed of lion. This allows him a free 12" charge and an immediate 2 attacks at ws 4 and str 4.

5.Heart of Darkness: Difficulty 8. All models in base to base contact with the witch doctor must pass a leadership test or take a str 3 hit and flee 2d6" away from the witch doctor. They will continue to flee until the reach the table edge and leave the game or until they pass a leadership test at the start of their own turn.

6.Jungle Curse: Difficulty 6 Range 12". The witch doctor can force the target to reroll any roll for that model until the end of the targets next turn. One reroll per dice roll and the second roll is always the final result.

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