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Tanzanican Skills



A Mangbettu PrinceAl l the same as Mordheim, except Expert Swordsman becomes Expert Spearman for the Natives. Web of Steel is only useful if you are using critical hits, if you like substitute Disarm: at the start of the hand to hand phase pick an opponent to try to disarm, roll a D6, on a 4+ the enemy loses a weapon of your choice. The weapon is removed from his roster and assumed destroyed. The enemy is assumed to have a knife even if disarmed of all other weapons.


As per Mordheim but pay attention to reload times for the weapons, for instance Quick Shot only works if the weapon allows multiple shots in a turn.


Lose Sorcery, Arcane Lore, Wyrdstone Hunter can substitute Ivory Hunter if you use Ivory as a wyrdstone replacement, lose Warrior Wizard. Add the following Weaponsmith: ignores ammo rolls on a d6 roll of 4+, Botanist: may reroll serious injury chart roll for one figure, must take second result, Explorer: may spot hidden figures 6" further out than his initiative, Journalist: may collect an additional d6 income if not out of action at the end of the scenario (Europeans Only), Jungle Lore: as per Journalist but for natives.


Pit Fighter becomes Tomb Raider, same rules. Replace Strongman with Ferocious Charge: Figure may double attacks one the first turn of a combat that they charge on but may not parry. Bull Headed: on a stun wound result roll a d6, on a 4+ the result becomes knocked down. Capture: When you take an enemy out of action in hand to hand you capture them on 5+ and may ransom them or sell them for 1d6x5. If you are taken out of action you lose all captures for that figure.


Add Dive: Model can run and hide in the same turn. Sneaky: Model may move up to 4" after set up before the first turn. If two players have sneaky, roll a d6 to see who goes first.