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From Alon Eshet on the Colonial Mailing List.  This seems interesting but neither he nor I am sure of the prices.

Hot Air Balloon ....250 Crs (feel free to change anything here to what you see fit, or more appropriate)


Balloon * - - - 4 2 - - -

Crewman same as regular (European) trooper Hot Air Ballon

Crewman may have any equipment from his proper equipment list or instead of a weapon, may have Grenades (3)... (10 crs.)  Grenades cause a 1/2"; radius template, roll To Hit (each character under template [this is to represent the character jumping out of the way]) with BS of Crewman.

grenades hit with S4 - if hit by a grenade, immediately out of action

*Movement: roll a Scatter Die to see in which direction the wind is blowing. The owner has the option of going with the wind 6"; or against it, 2";. If the Scatter Die marks ";HIT";, there is no wind today and the owner may choose to go in any direction 4";

The Crewman can spot any figure within a 10"; radius around the base of the balloon unless hidden from atop (eg. under trees or in a building w/ a ceiling)

When shooting at the balloon, players may choose to aim at the balloon or the crewman, if shooting at the crewman, players get a 1- penalty as he is inside the gondola (light cover). No penalties are used for shooting at the balloon.

If the crewman dies, the balloon will be land and be DAMAGED (see below) but will still be usable by anyone (European) who touches its base.

For Campaign Purposes: If a balloon lands due to the death of the crewman or is down to 1 Wound, than it is considered DAMAGED and must be repaired for 70crs.; if not repaired, the balloon moves at half speed.

New Material:

Skills: Hide in Natural Surroundings: (Can be used only by Native tribes) Figure standing next to natural object (eg. Trees, rocks, etc.) may choose to use this ability. In order to Hide in Natural Surroundings the figure must make a successful Leadership test, if failed, figure may not Hide in this area and a premises of a 6" radius. Once passed, the figure may not shoot, load a weapon, or move, if he performs any of these he is immediately revealed. When an enemy figure steps within a 6" radius of the Hidden figure, he must roll a die and roll a 6+ to reveal the figure. Once stepping within 5", he must roll a 5+ to reveal figure, on stepping within 4", he must roll a 4+, and so on so forth. Players may wish to substitute the above for simply testing Leadership when within 6" to reveal Hidden Figure and once coming within 3" of Hidden figure, he is automatically spotted. Players may also wish, to add more effect, to have a map of the battlefield at hand and record the location of Hidden figures without showing this to the enemy, but to a game referee. (This map could be drawn by hand, as in many Colonial Wars rules)

Weapon Rules: Gatling Gun Cost: 150 Points Range: 20" Strength: 3 Special Rules: Stand and Fire, must re-load every other turn (1 crewman minimum). If first hit is successful, may fire again, if second hit successful may fire a final third round. Requires Jam test, every turn fired, roll Crewman's BS + for success, failure means Gun is useless for the rest of the battle.



















Note: -For Campaign: -If gun Jammed must pay repair fee, 30 Points -Mostly used by Americans, rarely by British