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Ivestigative Reporters for the Tanzanica Times leave no stone unturned in

Reporters for the Tanzanica Times (TT Wire Service Photo).

The Tanzanica Times is the only newspaper in Tanzanica worth mentioning.  Every day, rain, shine or head hunter attack it is waiting on the hut steps of countless news hungry Tanzanicans.

The Times is unique from other Tanzanican papers because it is not aligned with any of the powers of Tanzanica and thus equally detested by all the powers.  Its reporters are known for asking the tough questions that no one else will.  It is also free, and worth every penny.

Time's reporters come from all factions, tribes, and lost empires. Their reach is enormous and they are famous for breaking big scandals like the Simba the White Lion affair. Who can forget headlines like 'Headhunters Hacked' and 'Love Conquers All, Except the Mangbettu'?

Recent Issues:

Lost City Found!
Expedition Massacred!
Expedition Massacred!