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Remains of Lord and Lady Wombat Found

Edgar Rice Burger

The fate or the Wombat Expedition was recently uncovered by an American safari hunting apes on the coast. The safari was startled to find a large jungle palace apparently built by Lord Wombat for the couple after their ship wrecked leaving them the only survivors. 'It was a hellofa spread.' Said Tex Manilow, head shooter on the safari, 'fourteen rooms and a large servants quarters, Lord Wombat was quite the busy man!' No sign was found of young Winslow Wombat, the Wombats son and heir but the safari found evidence that Winslow had survived the wreck as well.

Horrible Fate

The Wombats apparently met their end at the hands or a leopard, great apes, viscous pirates, or a poisonous snake said safari members. 'It depends which version you want to believe.' Explained safari member Billy 'Crazy' Kidd who was thrilled to have killed a charging cheetah with a single pistol shot.

The safari left the site untouched as they were driven off shortly after finding the site by a mass of huge killer apes who attacked with almost human intelligence guiding them. 'We lost half the safari to them. I can still hear the wild cry of their leader, who we never saw, as the apes swarmed over us. I only got off five shots before we fell back.' Noted Kitty O'Malley, 'Those are some smart apes!'

Fashion for the Summer

Bubbles Jakuna

One word this season, Khaki. The fashionable set are all in it and the natives are dying to get their hands on it. Apparently it is already the rage in Kiplinda and now it is hot hot hot here as well.

It started with British but now everyone is doing Khaki. Light fabrics are a must and make sure we you coordinate your accessories as well

Other News:

Masai Festival Approaches

The area is girding up for the annual Masai Cattle Festival with its usual stepping up of raids, pillage and murders. Local authorities, such as they are, are on alert for trouble but urge anyone who needs help to just give up their cows.

Mary Newton Due into Port Soon

Smelly Bligh

The Mary Newton a large British trade ship is due into Zakuna port soon. She is carrying a cargo of trade goods. Local merchants, stripped of their stock by Makuna fever anxiously await its arrival.

Camp Tips

Try to avoid sleeping on the ground if you can as the warrior ants can reduce you to a skeleton in three minutes if one of their scouts finds you. Always try to camp where the risk of ambushes is kept to minimum and it is best to avoid camping in sacred ruins if you can.