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Authorities are investigating the claims of British explorer Sir Henry Kipper who claims to have seen the fabled lost city of Mukuna, rumored to be the treasure store of the Blini-blini.

Market in Uproar

The Market place was placed into immediate chaos as expeditions scrambled to check out this rumored find. Zakuna city authorities, such as they are, urged calm uselessly.

Sir Henry Kipper is a noted explorer of the backcountry but is considered somewhat eccentric. He is also lucky, three times he has been the only survivor of a major expedition.

Luck Run Out?

This time Sir Henry's luck may have run out as he is obviously insane after his latest expedition. He is locked up in the Zakuna jail until British authorities can come claim him.Sir Henry's Sketch of the Treasure Palace

His ravings were mostly ignored until he mentioned Mukuna, long the object of intense interest of expeditions it is said to be the Treasure City of the Blini-Blini people who once ruled all Tanzanica before mysteriously vanishing.

Expeditions Fight for Supplies

The excitement over Sir Henry's babblings has created a field day for local merchants as every local explorer or ruffian attempts to be the first to test Sir Henry's claims. Ammunition, tents, dried goods and trade trinkets skyrocketed in price immediately. Local merchants claim this is completely unrelated to the rumor but mearly represent 'seasonal adjustments' in the marketplace.

Many of the groups heading out deny chasing the rumor. 'We was going anyway.' Said Belgian thug Renee Putain.

Around Tanzanica

Tanzanica Wire Service

Weather across most of the continent will be hot today with some monstrous storms scattered about. Witch Doctors are predicting a usual Tanzanican Summer with little pleasant weather at all.

Dik-Dik Graveyard Found

German Scientist Karl Middlingheim today reported finding the semi-legendary Dik-Dik Graveyard. 'It has long been thought that any Dik-Dik that knew it was dying made its way as best it could to the Dik-Dik's Graveyard.' Said Middlingheim 'I mearly followed any old Dik-Dik around until he was ready to die and he led me there.' Other scientists were quick to scoff at the discovery. 'Why can't those Germanchaps do anything useful?' Asked British scientist Morton Throckfronginton IV. Idimi, witch doctor of the Bemgi Ya-Tongas said 'It is death to disturb the sacred place of the Dik-Dik!' and is trying to get together a warband to slaughter the scientists expedition.


This Month’s Events


Mid-day, Ya-Tonga Villages


Masai raiders try to steal cattle from villagers.


Afternoon, Masai Borderland


Zulu raiders attempt to expand their range of influence.


Morning, Expedition Camps


Local Tribesmen try to extract revenge for some perceived insults.