F17 Tanzanica Temple Raid

Lara Wombat Summons A Crazed Cape Buffalo (26,027 bytes)

Lara Wombat Summons a Cape Buffalo

Amazons and Mangebettu Swarm The Belgians (32,250 bytes)

Amazons and Mangbettu Finish the Belgians

Azande Wait In Cave (32,789 bytes)

Azande Shelter In Cave

Pygmies and Arabs Skirmish on Temple (30,220 bytes)

Arabs and Pygmies Fight On the Temple

Wilbur Wombat Tries Vainly To Save The Last Belgian Askari (32,552 bytes)

Wilbur Wombat, Lord Of the Jungle tries to help the last Belgian Askari

Azande Rush The American Expedition (20,246 bytes)

Azandes Rush The American Expedition

Amazons Swarm Towards the British Expedition (27,102 bytes)

Amazon's Rush The British Expedition

Crazed Cape Buffalo Tries Attack Wilbur Wombat, Lord Of The Jungle (32,720 bytes)

Crazed Cape Buffalo Charges Wilbur Wombat, The Lord Of The Jungle

Annie Oaktree Falls Beneath Azande Spears (27,277 bytes)

Annie Oaktree, Leader Of The American Expedition, Downed By Azande Spears

British Expedition is over run by Amazons and Mangbettu (29,496 bytes)

Amazons and Mangbettu Finish of the British Expeditions

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