F180 Pursuit Of The Pathan Caravan

British Cavalry Attack the Pathans (31,818 bytes)

Cavalry Pursues the Pathans

British Form Square in Desperation (26,040 bytes)

Desperate British Form Square

Swarms Of Pathans (18,421 bytes)

Pathans Mobs

Gurhkas Press The Pathans (30,984 bytes)

Gurkhas Press The Pathans

British Battle Line In the North West Frontier (32,737 bytes)

British Take the Hills

Pathans Await Their Prey (23,491 bytes)

Pathans Await Thier Prey

The Pathan Caravan The British Are Pursuing (15,818 bytes)

The Caravan Escaping

British Cavalry Move Out (19,076 bytes)

British Cavalry

British Cavalry Advance on Pathans (21,991 bytes)

Cavalry Scouts

Cavalry Attack in the scrub (31,759 bytes)

Cavalry Attack In the Scrub


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of the Monday Night Adventurers