Friday Morning at Historicon

More Colonial Games and a Pirate one too


Howard Whitehouse's 'The Lions Eat Tonight' Game, Bob Giglio's Colonial Glory Boxer Rebellion Game,Duke Seigfried's Pirate Extravaganza and Ed Watt's The Sword In Africa Game.

Howard Whitehouse's Safari Game

More From Howard's Game

Howard (in Vest) Running Game

Duke's Pirate Game.

Bob Giglio's Boxer Game

More of Bob's Boxers

Yet More Boxers

Duke's Ship on Stick Trick

Tim Wright of Blood and Sand fame

The Limpopo Leslie Anne

The Congo Cate

Slaver's Village

More Boxers


Slavers taking cover from the machine gun

Howards Great Layout

The Ill fated Throckmorton Expedition

More Pirates

Wounded Brits in Bob's Game

Japanese in Bob's Game

Gunboat in Bob's Game

Church in a slaver town?

Brits attack slavers

Hunter trampled by wildebeests

Ed and Paul running the Slavers game

Congo Cate Again

The attack at the docks

Bob Giglio kicking off his game

Slaver Town