Friday Afternoon at Historicon

More Colonial Mayhem


Tim Wright's Sand and Blood FFL Game, Jim Frelich's TSATF Afgan Game, and Bob Giglio's Boxer Game Goes on.

Sand and Blood Game

Fort DeSolet in Peril

Crafty Arabs

Arab Artillerymen

Parade up the Kyber Pass TSATF

Afgani Fort

At the Walls

Sand and Blood Players

Looks Bad for the Legion

Tim Wright (Center) author of the Sand and Blood rules

Scouts in Peril

TSATF In Afganistan

TSATF Players

Dorsetshire Boys Advance

More Dorsetshire Boys

Most of the Monday Night Adventurers Club

Japenese on the Fort

Arabs Again

Not enough Legionaires

Many Arabs

The Garrison

TSATF players 2

Arab Ladders Advance

Looking down into the Valley

Fort DeSolet, Vacation home of the stars.

Storming the Walls

Defending the Church