By the Shores of the Beautiful Red Sea

GM: Jon Lundberg Rules: The Sword and the Flame

Dervishes try to prevent a relief column from reaching a beleaguered force by ambushing both forces at a fearsome pass.

Dervish scout in a cave.

A dervish scout hides in a cave on a well sculpted hill.

Models of Dervish snipers on a hill.

Dervish snipers fire down from a tall hill.

Troops in a model boat.

Relief troops make their way in a small steam boat.

A melee of Egyptian and Mahdist troops.

Egyptian troops melee with Mahdists as they make their way towards the relief column.

British cavalry skirmishing

British cavalry skirmishing in front of Mahdists.

High model hills dominate the game.

High hills seperated the column from the relief troops who are marching to help them.