T-016 Storming of Fort Hung Lo

GM Eric Lundberg. Rules: The Sword and the Flame. Winner: Pour Encourage Les Autres

Boxer Victory. Nice looking table and figures, played quick, looked like everyone enjoyed it.

Gamers around the table.

Imperial players advancing on the Fort, keeping an eye out for ambushes on the way.

Gunboat covers the advance.

A key ingrediant to gunboat diplomacy is of course, a gunboat.

British Infantry Figures.

British Infantry takes a hill on the way to the Fort.

A Wargames table for game T016 at Historicon 2004

Imperial players continue their advance, while in the distance the Chinese players prepare a warm welcome for the invaders.

Chinese bannermen attack British troops in a field.

Chinese Bannermen ambush British infantry.

Melee breaks out between Chinese troops and British infantry.

British infantry melee with Chinese troops in a hay field.

Miniature machine gun launch model

Little gunboats go where the big ones can't.

British troops on a nicely done model of a hill.

British troops take the heghts overlooking the Fort.

Chinese troops defending the fort.

Fort Hung Lo fiercely defended.

Models of a british machine gun crew.

British machine gun crew keeps the heads down in the fort.

Close up shot of models used in the game.

Some of the casualties, an American Marine, some British infantry, and an officer.

Photo of the game master.

Eric (seated center) ran a quick moving game that looked good and kept the players hoping.

Award ribbon given to the game by the game judges at the show.

Pour Encourage Les Autres (To encourage the others) award given to the game by the judges at the convention. Only given to the very best of the best games.