Turmoil in the Valley of Shadows

GM: Rob Dean Rules: With McDuff to the Frontier

Very dense jungle game with British and Germans fighting Natives and Arab slavers. Imperial victory.

Model Elephants on the games table.

Elephants roam through the heavy jungle on the table before the troops are deployed.

Model African Village.

German village, soon to be under seige by slave raiders.

Another photo of the model African Village

Another view of the village before the game begins.

Broad View of the Jungle covered games table.

Rob Dean did a great job on making the table look heavily forested while keeping the space clear for figures.

View of the games table from the other side.

Another shot of the game table showing the river that featured the heaviest fighting.

Arab slave raiders blocking a road.

Arab raiders blocking the road.

Models of Sihk Troops in the British Army in Africa.

British column moves very cautiously through the jungle.

German settlers defending a village in the Valley of Turmoil

German settlers defending their village.

Askaris man the barricades.

Askaris defending a house. Note the unconventional airconditioning on the roof.

Part of the relief column.

Taking a break from his five day test match this cricketeer leads the native levy of the relief column.

The relief column is ambused at the river crossing.

The native levy meets and ambush at the river crossing.

German settlers sortie out of the village.

The settlers sortie out of the village after seeing off most of the attackers.

A relief column tries to clear the  route to the village.

One of the main relief columns

Snipers fire down on the relief column.

Snipers fire down on the relief column from rocks above.

Relief column with nicely painted flag.

A relief column forms up its battle line.

Tribesmen surge across the river to assault the native levy of the relief column.

A melee at the river crossing.

Tribesmen assualt across the  river.

Another shot of the melee at the crossing, this river was the scene of the heaviest fighting for both of the relief columns.