Pick Up Sudan Game

GM: Peter Hume Rules: The Sword and the Flame Modified.

Conclusion to a gaming group campaign. Hard fought game with really nice figures.

Models of British Troops of the Gordon Relief Column

The British formed square around their camp and hoped it would hold.

Corner of the troop square around the British camp.

Canon and infantry hold the corner of the camp.

Models of Sudanese Mahdists troops.

Mahdists swarm towards the British square.

Mahdists wearing colorful jibbas (coats).

Very nice looking mahdists with great flags and well painted jibbas.

Models of Sudanese troops in the Egyptian Army.

Part of the native square defended by Sudanese troops serving in the Egyptian army.

Commander of the Egyptian square.

The Sudanese troops were less heavily swarmed so their firepower was used to support the heavily attacked British square.

British and Highland models with a canon.

Highlanders and Brits hold the corners.

Sudanese models enter the British camp.

Sudanese Mahdists have broken the square and are rushing the remaining defenders in the camp.

The final square after the collapse of the British square.

The final square after the collapse of the British square.