The Major Powers of Tanzanica:

Each of the powers of Tanzanica has its own strengths and character which are reflected in the members of its expeditions. Some of the powers come from far away from Tanzanica and some are native to the land. All of them send out expeditions to gain territory and prestige. The major powers are

Amazons: Forgotten Tribe of Temple Guardians. Fiercely protective of their duty they will hunt down trespasser ruthlessly. Always seeking to return relics and protect their Temples.

Americans: Classic white safari types shootists, normally only out for sport and adventure they can be deadly well armed opponents.

Arabs: Slavers, Rugga Rugga and well organized coastal tribes. Well-armed and terrifying raiders who devastate the areas they pass through.

Belgians: A small nation with big plans for Tanzanica. Those they meet do not appreciate their use of cannibal allies but they could care less. They don't waste much feeding prisoners.

Boers: These are not explorers or tourists, they are here to stay. These people are the descendants of the original European settlers on Tanzanica. They shoot very well and don't take and guff from anyone.

British: An island empire with a powerful navy and many colonies. Their expeditions tend to be a mix of British, colonial and native troops. Their expeditions are well rounded and can be very flexible.

Central Tribes: Central Tanzanican Tribes a mix of bows, spears, clubs and some muskets. Central Tribes get witch doctors who can swing the favor of their gods.

French: French are seeking to take as much of Tanzanica as they can at the expense of everyone else. Their junior officers have spread out and are taking big chances they hope will pay out, if not they know they will be left to die on their own.

French Foreign Legion: When one loves war too much or is too desperate to do anything else, one joins the Legion. Rock steady veterans who rarely panic and may just fight to the last man.

Germans: Brutal militarists that inspire fanatical loyalty in all their troops. They are expert jungle warriors and masters of the hit and run attack.

Masai: Hunters and herdsmen fierce and proud. They hunt lions and steal cattle for fun. They are widely feared as merciless opponents.

Pygmies: Deep forest dwellers using poisoned weapons attacking in swarms then disappearing back into the jungle.

Zulus: Fast moving close combat natives who live and fight in military units. They run everywhere and fear nothing.

All Ranks and Titles are suggestions only. Actual titles are Leader, Champion, Youth, and Henchmen. If you want you British Leader to be a Lieutenant, Major or just Sir, go right ahead. Also note each power has an images and resources page attached to it.

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